POS materials

"POS materials" stands for:

POS — point of sales. POS materials are materials that contribute to the promotion of the brand or product at the point of sale. They are designed to attract attention and promote products. POS- materials contain information about the benefits of the product.

Types of POS-materials, which we manufacture for customers:

  • Wobblers
  • Neck hangers
  • Shelf talker
  • Table tents
  • Mobiles
  • Hard-posters
  • Dummies (Jumbes)
  • Flags and garlands
  • Boxes for checks, trays
  • Advertising canvas
  • Growth figures
  • Light advertising structures
  • Acryl lights, frame lights, crystal lights
  • Show boxes
  • Pallet displays and price lists
  • Promotional stands
  • Displays
  • Strip holders and strip tapes
  • Dispensers, etc.

All entrepreneurs that manufacture or sell goods somehow use these types of advertising products for additional promotion of demand for products.

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